Research & Study Group

Hello everyone. My name is Jairzinho Santos, I’m from Peru.

I’m passionate about technology, business and innovation. I’m a telecommunications engineer specialized in software and data. I have 5 years of experience in the IT environment. I have experience as a Developer, Data Engineer, Solutions Architect and Technical Pre-Sales.

I currently study and research AI on (I’ve already taken the Deep Learning and Neural Network course), Youtube, Pappers, Books, in general on the internet.

With other colleagues in this community, we’re creating a study group dedicated to AI research. There are some research proposals such as ML, DL, LLM, Gen AI, among others. We’re thinking about using Discord to communicate. But, for now we’re managing this through wsp.

The idea is that those of us who have greater knowledge lead the study group and guide those who are just starting out and that we also reinforce in greater depth the theoretical and technical foundations of this technology. The group is oriented to learn from the fundamentals theorical and technical to the construction of MVPs.

I have many ideas to build this, I’m approaching this with a lot of professionalism, so that those who are just beginning their working life can get used to it.I hope passionate people can join.


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