[RESOLVED] PDS C2 Week 1: pytorch CondaVerificationError

CondaVerificationError thrown on block [23]. Package for pytorch appears to be corrupted. Restarted kernel, notebook, assignment but still no luck.

please ignore warning messages during the installation

!pip install --disable-pip-version-check -q sagemaker==2.35.0
!conda install -q -y pytorch==1.6.0 -c pytorch
!pip install --disable-pip-version-check -q transformers==3.5.1

Preparing transaction: …working… done
Verifying transaction: …working… failed

CondaVerificationError: The package for pytorch located at /opt/conda/pkgs/pytorch-1.6.0-py3.7_cuda10.2.89_cudnn7.6.5_0
appears to be corrupted. The path ‘bin/convert-caffe2-to-onnx’
specified in the package manifest cannot be found.

[RESOLVED] - waited until AWS account expired. Restarted and pytorch errors went away.