Revolutionizing QA Practices for AI: A Project for Everyone in the AI Product Lifecycle

This workshop, tailored for everyone involved in the AI product lifecycle, offers actionable insights to revolutionize QA strategies, fostering seamless collaboration and effective communication between diverse teams, from software QA specialists and business owners to analysts and AI developers.

In this project you will:

  • Understand the key differences between QA for traditional software and QA for AI products.

  • Master strategies for identifying and addressing unexpected outputs in AI models.

  • Develop skills to enhance communication between AI and QA teams, fostering efficient collaboration.

  • Explore the power of microservice architecture with hands-on experience in Internal Endpoint (IEP) and External Endpoint (EEP) approaches.

  • Acquire practical knowledge through framework explanations, examples, and hands-on exercises.

See you in AI Projects!

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