Save Work on SageMaker Studio

I was working on assignment 1, and I finished half of it. I saved it and trying to work on it again later.
However, when I login into the SageMaker Studio, all the work is gone.

Could you please make some tutorial that shows how to use SageMake Studio, especiallly how the documents are orgnazed and how to save properly.

Thanks so much.


Hi @zaixinmu
Welcome to Discourse!
Please can you tell us which week assignment you refer to?


I have the same problem.
I have done twice of the work and then when I came back and would like
to make change of my work, the SageMaker Studio is empty.

I am on my first weeks assignment: Register and visualize dataset.


Hi @Linda_Li1
I believe you are taking Practical Data Science on the AWS Cloud Specialization. This post is mislabeled. I’ve fixed it so other mentors can help you with this issue.

Happy Learning

Thank you.
How I know how to download the notebook.

Have a nice day.