SchemaGen failed to infer data domain


I am trying to experiment the ExampleGen, StatisticsGen and SchemaGen pipeline on my own project.
In my data, there is a column that containing tower names such as “ABCDE”, and when I called SchemaGen, it was showing a “-” in the Domain field and the data type was shown as “BYTES” which should be “STRING”.

I used a very standard pipeline given in the labs of this course:

example_gen = CsvExampleGen(input_base=_data_root)
statistics_gen = StatisticsGen(
schema_gen = SchemaGen(
      statistics=statistics_gen.outputs['statistics'], infer_feature_shape=True)['schema'])

Does anyone know why SchemaGen failed to infer the schema?

Could you try again with the following dependencies?


If things fail, please click my name and share your dataset via a link along with your notebook as a message to me.