Sci-Fi writer here, keen to get stuck into research!

Hi, I’m Rocket,

I’m writing a sci-fi book about an AGI revolution so I’m here to do my due diligence and learn all about it so I don’t perpetuate anything silly. I live in Cornwall in the UK, enjoy long walks, dressing as a pirate, and reading. Look forward to getting to know you all!


Welcome to the Fam! I admire your willingness to put in the work for your book. I think that AGI is vaguely defined, but the media has been oddly specific in its stories about the ‘dangers’ of it. I have smart friends, not in the technology world, who say things like “sure, I am afraid of AGI. I saw the Terminator movie.” Sensationalism sells. So, it will be a fun challenge to make your book interesting, without perpetuating anything silly.

What do you think?

Katherine Moss

Hi Rocket. If you are learning about AI, I recommend the site

Brian Greene, physics professor at Columbia University, interviews leading scientists, including AI researchers like Yann Lecun, from around the world. And his live events are posted online a short while later. I find the WSL YouTube channel the best way to watch the videos, easier to navigate than the website. Good luck with your book.


Well hopefully I will break away from that and mostly have people be villains. It focuses in on Cyberthanatology

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