Scikit-learn vs tensorflow

Hi there,

congrats for completing the course. Well done!

Regarding your next steps, I would suggest to consider, what challenges are you going to solve in the future and then work towards the method and tools to solve them:

  • Would you use rather classic ML models to tackle your challenges with classic data science, incl. feature engineering to incorporate your domain knowledge: Then Scikit-learn is great to explore and practice these methods.
  • On the other hand. If you know that you will work with highly unstructured and high dimensional data in e.g. computer vision or large language models and you know that Deep Learning seems to be the right tool to solve your challenges, then Tensorflow of PyTorch can be the next step to focus on.

Here is a thread that might be of interest with respect to classic ML and DL: Do traditional algorithms perform better than CNN? - #2 by Christian_Simonis

Long story short: I would suggest to anticipate which method would be of higher benefit for you based on your future challenges and the industry you work in or the field that you want to join. Feel free then to derive the library question as the next step.

Hope that helps!

Best regards