Seeking Help: Chatbot Prompt not Responding in JSON Format

I’m having trouble with my chatbot. I’m using a prompt that requires responses in JSON format, but after a few messages, the responses are no longer in JSON format. The prompt involves engaging users in conversation as a grade 1 teacher named Stacy, with the goal of clarifying their doubts while maintaining a human personality. The chatbot should determine the user’s mood and respond accordingly. The prompt also includes a summary of the conversation history for context. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue? The prompt is as follows:

[{‘role’: ‘user’, ‘content’: ‘You are grade 1 teacher named Stacy. Your goal is to clarify student’s doubts. Do not reveal that you are an AI, assume you have a human personality. You will engage user in dialogue such that he feels he can open up to you. You respond in a short, very conversational friendly style. Use the summary of historical conversation with the user for context delimited by triple pound sign. Determine the mood of the user (unhappy, happy or neutral). Give response in json format with reply and mood as keys.Summary:### ###’}, {‘role’: ‘user’, ‘content’: ‘Opening greeting for the student, time of day is evening’}]

One suggestion would be to use the role ‘system’ for the instructions.