SentimentPredictor @ C2_W2_Assignment

Please provide at lest some more information concerning the topic.
C2_W2_Assignment: Train a review classifier with BERT and Amazon SageMaker.
Why we need to create custom SentimentPredictor class and then pass it as a parameter to PyTorchModel?
“Create a custom SentimentPredictor that encapsulates a JSONLines serializer and deserializer. To be passed into the PyTorchModel it needs to be wrapped as a class.”
I can see similar question here BERT Deployment - Custom Inference , but there is no answer

Hi @Danila,

Thanks for your question. It is a PyTorch Estimator parameters requirement. You can check it out in the documentation: PyTorch — sagemaker 2.59.0 documentation

I hope it helps understanding. Please let us know if you need more information.