Sequence model assignments and compilation issues

Hello, I am trying to finish the " Emojify" programming assignment and running into lots of compilation issues. It is possible for me to download the whole assignment and work on my IDE. I prefer to debug this using PyCharm instead of this online Jupyter python, where I can only run.

I want to step into the code, inspect variables, etc.

Are all the dependencies there? If I download the whole notebook and data, can I build on my local machine?

For instance, methods like “def sentence_to_avg_test(target):” Do I need anything else to run besides the code that is posted. Thank you.

Thank you.

Try this thread for instructions:

Ok, but was not my question. My question is that, do I have all the dependencies inside the folders to build the project on my local machine? I want to compile the whole thing using pycharm IDE. Jupyter is too hard to debug.

yes or no?

thank you.

Probably yes.
I have not tried that myself, so I cannot answer for certain.