Serious issue with the grader!

while trying to improve my grades for C3W1’s lab… I cleated the cell content for exercise 1 to 4 and re-submitted after several failed attempts to improve the grades and was trying to find out which cell is cauising the issue… know what? even with exercises 1 tp 4 cleared… the grader is STILL GIVING THE SAME GRADES WITH THE SAME FAILED TESTS!!!


anyone encounter the same thing???

I have no experience with the PDS course, but in DLS not all the notebooks do an “autosave” for you when you click “Submit”. So one thing to consider is that the grader is still looking at the status quo ante. Also note that in DLS, GANs and NLP, the grader only grades the “official” copy of the notebook, so making changes in a different version and clicking “Submit” will not grade the notebook you are working on. Just some food for thought if you are seeing something you can’t otherwise explain …

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As far as I remember at PDS course in the instructions they tell you to either save the notebook i.e. downoad it or finish it in one session, because when a new AWS session is restarted, all is re-initialized.

I knew about the auto save. I’ve tried saving several times before I submit. That’s why in so annoyed by the grader.

Have you saved the Notebook to S3, meaning execute the last cell?