SHAP use in assignment

Hi, The week 2 video talks about SHAP, which I believe is available in Clarify. However, the assignment does not have any use of SHAP… is SHAP in a future assignment or is this something that can be added to the course in the future pls?


Hi @sanjayc2,

Welcome to PDS. SHAP or LIME is not included in any of the assignments of courses. I will forward the suggestion to the team.

Best Regards,
A. Sriharsha

Hi @sanjayc2

Thank you for your inquiry.
It is not included in the assignment, however, you can find more information about “SHAP” in the link introduced at the reading materials of the course.

Always welcomed the suggestions.


Thanks for this. I think SHAP and other “explainable AI” methods will be helpful to play around with. I can find the maths, but its about how useful the method is and when it does and does not work.