Simultaneous Update of variables (w,b)

In the week 1 lecture, where Andrew talks about implementing GD. I had a doubt regarding the simultaneous update, Why does he emphasize using Gauss Jacobi i.e. finding the value of w,b then assigning it to the main variables, rather than using the Sciedel Method which automatically updates the value of w and uses the updated value to find the value of b.

Won’t the latter method be faster in reaching the desired value for both w,b

The reason for specifying a method is so that the grader knows which method to expect.

Both methods can work. Mathematically there is probably a preference for one over the other. I have not studied it in detail (not a mathematician).

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Ok, Thank you!
I also wanted to know same, why there is a preference for one over the other.

Maybe someone else will answer who has better mathematical skills than I.