Small typos in the C1 W4 Assignment

Hey Guys,
I found some small typos in the assignment. I am listing them here, so that they can be rectified accordingly.

Exercise 02 | Step 1

The loss function will be squared Frobenoius Frobenius norm

UNQ_C3 | compute_loss

loss i is the sum_diff_squard sum_diff_squared divide

Exercise 03 | Step 2

Computing the gradient of loss in with respect to transform matrix R

Exercise 4 | Calculate transformation matrix R

Using those just the training set, find the

3.3 Finding the most similar tweets with LSH

The number of planes. We use log2(256) log2(625) to have ~16 vectors/bucket.

Exercise 10

The id table at key 0 has 3 document indices

The first 5 document indices stored at key 0 of id table are [3276, 3281, 3282]

Exercise 11

This is more of a query than a typo. In the approximate_knn function, I don’t understand the use of ids_to_consider_set. If instead of the following line of code if new_id not in ids_to_consider_set: we use the following line of code if new_id not in ids_to_consider_l:, then also, there will be no repeated ids. Also, in this case, we don’t have to maintain another data structure for storing the same thing, i.e., the ids. Am I missing something here?


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Hi @Elemento,

Thank you for pointing these out. This has been noted and will be fixed soon.


Hey @Mubsi,
Thanks for taking note of these suggestions. If possible, can you please consider my query of Exercise 11, and see if it is of any relevance.