Small Typos in the C2 W1 Assignment

Hey Guys,
I observed the following discrepancies in the C2 W1 Assignment. Please take them into account for future revisions.

0.1 Edit Distance

In this section, the equation of Bayes Rule has been mentioned and explained, but it is no where used or referenced in the Auto-correct model as per the lectures or even in the assignment. The only thing from this that we actually use is P(w), i.e., the probability of a particular word in the corpus, in Exercise 3.

I think, we can remove the equation 1 and it’s explanation. Do let me know, if I have missed out on anything.

Exercise 10

In this section, it has been mentioned that “Edits of one or two letters may ‘restore’ strings to either zero or one edit”.

But I don’t recall the edit_one_letter function to restore strings to zero edit, since, delete_letter, insert_letter and switch_letter can’t return the original word, and though replace_letter could have returned the original word, but as per the instructions, we are supposed to remove the original word.

I think it would be more concise to modify this note slightly as follows:

Edits of one or two letters may ‘restore’ strings to either zero or one edit

And a small typo in the statement preceding step 2 of Exercise 10:

Alternately, if/then if/elif/else constructs could be used.


Hi Elemento,

Good stuff! @Mubsi has opened a github issue to address these issues.