So how big are the NN nowadays?

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so how big of a NN is needed for what kind of complexity? I would like to get an idea how much work you have to put into a certain problem. Maybe you know somebody that worked in a certain field and you can tell what effort one has to put in. A good guess would be also appreciated.

The Tesla self driving car as it is functioning today

  • I know the answer/My answer is based on my current knowledge/experience
  • basic architecture
  • how big is the needed data set
  • how man layers/how many neurons per layer?
  • how many people worked on that problem for how log?

Alexa speech recognition

Some medical device that is actually in use

other nice app

thank you in advance

Later in the specialization you’ll see examples and case studies from the technical literature that may answer this for you, giving network and training data figures.

Some of the answers will be scary. The networks people brag about get very large indeed (today, but maybe that will change).

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