Solar panel installation output from Prompt Engineering course

Hi. I’m on the second video of the Prompt Engineering course. During the solar panel math solution part, the instructions for output are as follows:

Use the following output format:
** **question here** **
Student’s solution:
** **student's solution here** **
Actual solution:
** **steps to work out the solution and your solution here** **
*Is the student’s solution the same as actual solution *
just calculated:
** **yes or no** **
Student grade:
** **correct or incorrect** **
Yet, the output looks like this. What is missing from the instructions that the output is not formatted as instructed, do you think?

Let x be the size of the installation in square feet.
1. Land cost: 100x
2. Solar panel cost: 250x
3. Maintenance cost: 100,000 + 10x
Total cost: 100x + 250x + 100,000 + 10x = 360x + 100,000

Is the student’s solution the same as actual solution just calculated:

Student grade:

Edit: The backticks did not format correctly.

Hi Mizagorn,

That’s a great question. I am not sure about the answer but here’s a guess.

The model is trained to respond to instructions. The question and student’s solution are part of the instruction (they are not presented in the form of a structure to be followed, but rather as is). The model next responds to the instruction, but it has not been calibrated to reproduce parts of the instruction. So it just provides the most probable response to the instruction according to how it was calibrated - not including parts of the instruction.

Maybe someone else has a different/better explanation?