Stupid Amazon Sagemaker!

After completing the lab I was studying the codes further and the session was timed out. I lost my work, couldn’t save the work and never been able to connect to the AWS again. Why this hasn’t been made trouble free? It costing more time to set up the platform than completing the course materials! Weird system ever! Can anyone suggest me what to do now?

Hi @PDS_Mentors,

Can anyone of you help here ?


Unless you periodically save and download your work i.e. the notebook you have to redo the whole lab. It tells you there that you should be mindful of the time in the session.

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Not about just lost the code and have to do again.
I think the major issue is that when the lab time out, it is very … very … painful and confusing
process to start the lab again.
The external tool keep saying invalid cert, or can login but sage maker keep loading (and won’t load the jupyter notebook), or … lab in cleaning up stage, … then repeat every thing in the loop.

Sometime, I wonder, where is the button to “DELETE EVERYTHING AND DO IT AGAIN”

What make the lab painful is not Amazon itself, but
Their platform is so bad, confuse and I think buggy because they keep giving me certificate to dead amazon account.