Submitted assignment, but no response

I have submitted the assignment for Week 2 of Logistic Regression as a Neural Network with no response. What needs to be done?

Hey @ChuckWalsh,
Welcome to the community. Can you please post a screenshot of the “My submissions” tab of the Coursers’s assignment page here? Also, please post a screenshot of what is happening when you click on “Submit Assignment”.


Test Documentation 20220729.pdf (62.2 KB)

Hey @ChuckWalsh,
This is actually due to some notebooks on Coursera labs having unessential metadata. This unwanted metadata creates an additional “Submit Assignment” option which is all-show-no-work. Please use the “Submit Assignment” option in the top-most position in the Coursera labs, and see if you can submit your assignment or not. Let me know if this helps.


Hello, I’m also experiencing the same issue, it’s stuck

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 12.27.05

What message do you see when you go to the “My submissions” of the assignment page?

It works already, thanks!

I am struck with the same submission status error as above.
When I click the submit button, I get the submission status widow with the msg: submitting…
When I check “My submissions”, I don’t see my submission.
How shall I proceed? Please advice.

Please use Incognito/Private window to submit your assignment. If that works, then you need to clear your browser cache of the normal window. If that doesn’t work, please let us know.

Thank you.
I will try what you suggested.