Suggestion: Add sessions to cover MLOps Team management

Hi - While watching some of the week 2 materials, it occurred to me that many of the tasks actually imply very subtle team building/management practice for optimal execution. Is it possible to include sessions (in week 3 or 4?) to teach us how to properly structure a team in performing error analysis, data improvement, model tuning, etc based on your real industry experiences. Specifically, I am interested in how a small startup team would do differently vs an established troop of engineers with ample resources. For example, is that in a large team you can even assign separate engineers to address different types of errors?


Hi @weblefan
Definitively I think that your suggestions are very interesting.
MLOPs has to do with organization, with people, with how to organize to work. It is not only a technological approach but a “cultural approach”.
There are many subjects that could be covered. I think the most important one has been covered by Andrew in Course 1 (A Data Centered approach).
We could bring your suggestions for the next version of the training.