Supervised Learning: Week 3 : Classification # UNQ_C2

Hello @26_Komal_Kamble,

We will not solve it for you, but we can make suggestions so that you can work through it yourself. Now, I see 3 problems from your screenshots.

  1. np is not defined.

  2. some code are colored RED.

  3. Submission error.

Now, I need you to fix them one by one.

  1. There should be this line import numpy as np in the first code cell of your notebook. Is it there? If it is there, then the error message indicates that you had not run the first code cell. On the menu bar of the jupyter notebook, please click “Kernel” > “Restart”, and run the notebook from the first cell down. This error message should not come up again.

  2. They are colored RED because the indentation is not proper. I suggest you to open two browser windows and put them side by side. On the left, go to this post, and on the right, it is your notebook. The post tells you how to “reset” the indentation, and after that, re-indent all the lines properly with the “Tab” key on your keyboard. Please do read through my post on how to ident, and if you follow my guide, you can finish this in less than 2 minutes. After you have properly indent, no code should be coloured in RED.

  3. AFTER you have the proper indentation, read your code to make sure z_wb has been defined before it is called. After that, submit it again and see what happens.

The quickest way to finish this is to slowly and carefully follow through the suggestions, and make sure you understand what each line of code is doing.