Support study group for discouraged people

Hi everyone !

I am looking for project partners. From anywhere in the world, any gender, any belief, any personality.

The goal, learn and demonstrate. If you, like me, feel stuck in changing career, feel that you’re already advanced in data science but feel like you always have everything to learn, feel isolated and depressed every other day and need to work with people who knows that.

Especialy because when you’re isolated and depressed you can’t shout it out since when you look for a job, everything has to be positive, amazing… noone will hire the one who doesn’t fit in the world. So I propose that us, data weirdos, that we make a support group! We smile on Insta…Ow…I mean LinkedIn, and we freed ourselves out between us :smiley: And then we move on, build something, get better together, gain confidence.

For those who would like that, you can add me on Insta…ow dear… I mean LinkedIn :sweat_smile:

Have a nice day and thanks for ignoring my English mistakes too :smiley:

Edit : here is my insta…hum…i mean LinkedIn : Sign Up | LinkedIn

Hey @Nicolas,
Thanks for your contributions towards the community. I would suggest you to mention your LinkedIn handle, so that learners who would like to join your “Support Study Group”, may find it easier to add you on LinkedIn.


Thanks for noticing :slight_smile: Now it’'s corrected