SyntaxError in W1C5

Hello, I have an issue similar to the one on Cross Entropy Loss. This is the error message:

  File "<ipython-input-69-f10a7caa0738>", line 20
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

The pointer points at a different place from the previous post. I’ve tried commenting out the line of code above this loss_layer line, but then the SyntaxError moves instead to the optimizer line. Thank you in advance

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Maybe review what a Python Syntax Error is, and what it implies about the expressions preceding the line where the ^ indicator is placed in the error message.

Syntax errors, also known as parsing errors…

There is something fundamentally wrong with what has been typed, such that the parser can’t continue. Look for missing : or , or unbalanced parentheses etc. Notice that until recently, the ^ didn’t point at the location where the error actually happened, but at the subsequent point where the parser failed. (Improved precision in the latest release). HTH

Thank you very much! I realised I had forgotten the comma

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