Terrible google cloud API user experience with screen reader

As mentioned in the title, I am having an absolutely nightmarish experience with the google cloud console. The UI is coded in such a bad way that none of the buttons are found using voice over. I can’t even find the activate cloud shell b button anywhere, as the interface randomly puts me into tabs I have not chosen, and cycles me inside those buckets.

I am utterly disappointed by this, as after a great week of work, I am sitting this morning to finish off week 1 of course 3, and now I get this kind of aggravation.

What am I to do in this situation? I paid for this subscription, and expect things to work. unfortunately, as usual this is not the case with google products.

thank you!

Sorry to hear about your experience. Please get in touch with qwiklabs help regarding this.

what did qwiklabs help tell you?

They have no idea what a screen reader is. After explaining every step taken, and about a week after, they sent me a link about how to use dictation. For a tech company, that’s VERY poor support knowledge.