TFK on Google Ai Plate

Hello I have try the tips. The setup ask me to put bill able acount on it. I did that ran through the whole lab and nothing is passing. This really needs to be looked at. How do I complete the lab even after you gone through the lab.

thank you,

Hi @TimG1976
please can you be a bit more specific about the lab you are working on?
To which lab do you refer? Which week of MLEP Course 3?

Hi @fabioantonini,
Deploying Machine learning models in production week 3 graded external tool TFX on Google cloud AI Platform pipelines. I moved everything over to using google now and did the external grade even was online with the tech support. Was all the way to the spot that asked now for “your run ID” when running the note book. The Google tech support even said they have to debug the issue on the back end in a couple days. The thing is I did all the labs and external grade using Micro Soft edge no issues. This lab I had to give a credit card number to even start the lab and when you go through it find out it doesn’t work with Micro soft Edge. So I switch to google chrome and that helped alittle all the way to the last part and it errors out. I was only able to get 60% of the project done and can not even move forward. The issue is bad when Google tech support was unable to figure it out but sees the issue and needs to debug it.

Thank you, Tim

Hi @fabioantonini Here is the lastest chat from Google tech support now there is issues with logging in see attachment.Processing: Chat started.docx…
Chat started.pdf (372.3 KB)

Hi Timothy! Sorry to hear about your trouble with the lab. Can you relaunch the Qwiklabs from the Coursera classroom and start a new session? Please use the student credentials given to you. As long as you use that, you shouldn’t need to submit billing accounts while doing the lab. I For your next attempt, please note that when a new window pops up while you’re using GCP, I’ve noticed that it will sometimes switch to your main Google account. Please click on the Profile icon on the upper right to make sure that you are still pointing to the student credentials:

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 8.46.35 PM

You may also want to do the lab in a fresh Incognito/private browsing session so it won’t switch to any other account other than the student account.

Another thing to note on your next attempt, some learners reported a bug regarding creating the run. If you also encounter it, please do the steps in this README before running the notebook.

Hope these help!