The absolute begining of AI

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if someone can help me with ressources that talk about the begining of AI books, reaserch paper, I would like to know the basis before the terms ML and DL can appear.

Read this book:

“Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the World” by Cade Metz.

It will give you some kind of historical perspective on how AI started and the rapid advances in the 2010s.


What do you mean by the basis ?
If you mean “technical basis”, then, I would keep in mind that ML and DL are “computational Statistics” and Linear Algebra. So, the “basis” of ML/DL, and by that I mean the foundations, are Statistics and Linear Algebra.
Then you introduce computing power, and novel ideas for models architectures, (that are possible thanks to computing), and you get modern ML, DL.

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Thank you for the care :pray:t6:
I was wrong when I say basis of ML and DL, I had to say the basics of AI instead.

Thank you for the care :pray:t6:
Ok I will search for this book and read it.

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Of course, no worries. Hope my answer helped, and good luck on your journey !

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Really thank you :pray:t6: :nerd_face: