The course "Optimize ML Models and Deploy Human-in-the-loop" is not active

Is this course removed ? I cannot access the 3rd part of the “Practical Data Science on AWS specialization” course.

Whenever I click on the link, it says the page doesnt exist

Hi @Debayan_Sen,

Please know the Practical Data Science specialisation is in progress of deprication…

  • Enrolments for the new courses stopped on January 7 2024.
  • For the courses you have access to, you have till July 6 2024 to earn the certificates.
    From July 7 2024, you’ll still have access to the course, but the the labs would have been removed.
  • The complete removal of the courses will be sometime in December 2024.


Is there any way I can enroll in the 3rd part of this specialization course?

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Hi @Mubsi I’m experiencing the same issue. I am enrolled in the “Practical Data Science on AWS” specialization couple months now, and I completed the second course titled “Build, Train, and Deploy ML Pipelines using BERT.” However, I’m currently unable to access the third course, “Optimize ML Models and Deploy Human-in-the-Loop Pipelines.”

Given that I’ve already invested in 2/3 courses, I’m eager to complete the specialization and obtain the certificate. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue?

Hi @Athanasios_Vitsas, @Debayan_Sen,

As mentioned, the new enrolments for the courses stopped after 7 January 2024. Nothing can be done now.


Hi @Mubsi that’s a real bummer. The email announcement I received didn’t provide any information about this situation. Had I been aware, I would have enrolled in the course before the deadline. Given the circumstances, would it be possible to obtain a refund for the specialization that I can no longer complete?

Hi @Athanasios_Vitsas,

All subscriptions are handled by Coursera, and DeepLearning.AI has no control over this. You can reach out to Coursera Learner Help Center regarding any refunds.


What’s the reason for depreciation and would there be a replacement?

Currently there are no plans to replace PDS. The specialization was deprecated as part of continual evaluation of our course catalog and where to focus efforts on supporting learner needs. To support learners enrolled in this specialization, course content access will remain available indefinitely, and labs will be available until July 6, 2024, ensuring you have time to complete the courses and retain access to the materials.*

Hi @Olek, @Athanasios_Vitsas, @Debayan_Sen,

If you reach out to the Coursera help centre (which I shared above), you can either ask them for a refund on this specialisation, or access to the course you need. I believe they are doing this for the learners who started taking PDS course by course.


I encountered the same problem. Why didn’t I received any announcement about this when I enrolled this specialization?

Hi Mubsi,

I have enrolled in the specialization and just completed Course 2. I would like to continue learning Course 3. Is it possible for me to get access? Coursera support told me they could not get me enrolled due to deprecation.