The job has been submitted, but now it says it has not been submitted

I have submitted the job scheduled for week 3 (8 times), but now I find that it has not been sent somehow. Is there a way to resubmit it and what should I do?

Hi @DMatrix82 ,
There are no programming assignment in Course 3. Could you please move this post to the right course? That way you will more likely get appropriate answers.

Hi Carlo, I did my homework for Week3 and I sent them many times … but why didn’t I pass … “NO”? I am here to send you an .ipynb file or a LAB ID number, otherwise I will contact him for Help Coursera …
NOTES: debug issue “send assignment”. Can’t understand it?

My planned task is completed. 3 I passed, except 1 is not working! Looking at the file I think I have been blocked by the policy? I do not understand.

Hi @DMatrix82 ,
your question does not refer to Course 3 “Structuring Machine Learning Projects”. You refer to week 3, but this is probably from Course 1 or 2, I guess. Please move it to the appropriate course, so that you can get any support.

I’m sorry Carlo, I took the course wrong, it’s not 3 it’s 1 !! How do you delete this post…