There is an error about epoch set in the expected output mentioning it is set to 100 but actually it is set to 40

Hello @QA.Team,

I came across a mistake in the assignment mentioning the grader has set epoch to 100 but actually the epoch is set to 40.

@chris.favila as you are LT Lead for this course I thought of notifying you. Can you inform the technical team about this, sharing a screenshot of the same.

Thank you in advance.


Hello @Deepti_Prasad,

Thanks for pointing this out. I can also open a ticket about this inconsistency between the code and the text, so I will. Btw, you should tag @chris.favila instead.


Lol thanks Raymond for pointing out that I tagged the wrong Chris, I thought I tagged Chris Favila only :woman_facepalming:

Honest mistake :grimacing:


No worries :wink: