Time Management

Is it possible to complete all the labs in the ‘Machine Learning Specialization’ one week after completing all the video lectures? Or Do I need to plan for more time?

No, I don’t think so.

And the labs support the information in the lectures, so you’re expected to do each lab right after watching the lectures.

Can you tell me how much time it takes to complete those labs? Are those very time-consuming? I know basic Python but am not an expert.
Will I be able to complete all the labs in one week? I already completed all the theory, so I can’t undo the process. I am studying for 10 hours a day

This cannot be predicted, as it varies for each student based on their knowledge of the material and their skill as a python programmer.

This depends on how much time you have available, how many other things you need to do, like eating and sleeping and other tasks of life.

I would say it is doubtful for most students.

From my perspective, the bottleneck is the understanding of the topic, not the Python knowledge.

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If one doesn’t have good programming skills, you can spend a very long time on debugging, getting stuck, and waiting for help.

Yes. Can I complete those labs in 1 week? I will study very rigorously. i have basic Python knowledge at the beginner level.

@farhana_hossain, we cannot dictate if you can finish them in 1 week. No one is the same as you. You are the only person in this world who can tell us whether you can finish it in a week, and you can tell us after you have tried.

However, I can share some figures with you. There are AT LEAST 31 optional labs and 11 challenging assignments, and we know not everyone can finish them in one go because some learners came and asked questions.

Can you make a plan to finish them in 1 week? Can you make sure you will stick to the plan even without anyone’s help? If you need someone’s help, you are introducing to your plan some variables that can be out of your control.

If I were you, and if I had only 7 days, I would just do as much as I could; if I had to complete it, I would keep going on after 7 days; if I had to complete it within 7 days, I would promise myself I would do my very best and made sure no other priorities were going to disturb me in those 7x24 hours.



We cannot predict how long it will take any individual to perform a task.

Are there stats about how many students were able to complete the course in 1 week?

I guess people want to do this to pass the course during free trial.

In my personal opinion, I would say it will be difficult to do it in one week, assuming you have other things to do on the day like go to work and stuff.

Hi @abitrolly, @farhana_hossain,

I don’t remember they collected every learners’ machine learning and python experience levels, and so can’t I believe they can provide a meaningful stats conditional on the case similar to yours. However, I have never seen any stats here, nor do I make decision about the stats, so I will try to find someone who may know the answer, but I can’t guarantee. If you don’t hear from anyone in a few days here, you might want to decide without the stats.

As far as course fee is concerned, financial aid may be available but you need to consult Cousera’s Online Help Center for the details. Cousera manages the financial aid, so ask them any questions you have.

I don’t encourage anyone to rush a learning process since human takes time to make changes to their brains, but since you are the one who makes decision for yourself, if you insist, I can share some tips on how you can get fast help on assignments on your own -

  • there are hints underneath each exercise’s code cell. They are collapsed by default so you need to expand them to see the content, and in which there may be further collapsed hints, so don’t miss them out.

  • you can search this community and see if there already exists discussion of your question.

  • The fastest way to understand a library function is to google its online documentation, read it, and spend a few minutes to play with just it.

  • read the instructions carefully. Many learners told us their problems were due to not completely following the instructions.

My last advice is, consider financial aid first if course fee is a concern, because, if it is approved, you can have more time to learn, to think, to explore, and to let the experience sink in.


I think the problem goes deeper. Now Coursera is only giving a 15% discount per course at maximum. So it is a little help even if you asked for 100%.

Financial aid by Coursera is barely an option now, this started in late April, and as far as I am aware is still ongoing this situation.

Oh, so they are changing it. Thanks for the update, @Nydia, but any discount is better than none. We make our decisions considering all the factors, don’t we :wink:

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The “free trial” does not give you access to the graded quizzes or programming assignments.

Is that for sure? I think they do, the mode where you do not have access is “Audit”

Good point.

Solid answer. I love it. Would you check your inbox?

The labs are very instructive. You need to learn more about Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib to get you started. even if you have intermediate knowledge of Python you will find issues in programming, but that’s the way to learn.