Timeout waiting for execute reply (30s) - Programming Assignment: Deep Neural Network - Application

Thank you! If we look at the assignment itself, we need to write down the code that defines parameters:

    # Initialize parameters dictionary, by calling one of the functions you'd previously implemented
    #(≈ 1 line of code)
    # parameters = ...


Have you finished that part?


I’ve tried to review them one by one and the results worked

Thank you for the support

Alhamdulillah, successfully my submissions passed, Thanks @rmwkwok , @paulinpaloalto , @Rashmi

Congratulations @Noer_Barrihadianto!

If you plan to go on to the next course, I would suggest you to do their assignments on Coursera. If you really need to do them elsewhere, then perhaps you may want to just copy the solution codes back to your cousera notebook instead of uploading any notebook saved in Colab or other environment.

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Many Thanks
Noted, Thank you for the advice and I tried it