Timer Starts as soon as I click on "start lab" but lab does not start even after waiting several minutes

So the AWS button stays yellow. The 2 hr counter has started. Any suggestions or maybe you guys can share from your experience if it is normal? I havent been able to have the lab started even after waiting 15 mins.

What if you wait 25 mins, what happens after that? I think those labs suggest 25 mins of wait!

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@gent.spah @AhmadAli1 sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes the lab accounts need to be refreshed. Please let me know your Coursera emails, which course and lab do you have problems with (you can send the information in a private message). Thank you!

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@esanina the same problem (when click on “start lab” show me red button . please can you help me !

@moustafa_fathy which course and lab do you have problems with?

course1 week1 can you help me ?

The same happens to me, also in course 1 week 1

I’m facing the same problem. Any solution?

I have the same problem, for the course Analyze Datasets and Train ML Models using AutoML, for week 1 the lab is not starting. My Coursera email is hamza29@my.yorku.ca

it works after 10 min of waiting!