Transfer_learning_with_MobileNet_v1 - Cell10

Hi, Francis.

That cell is just given to you as part of the notebook template and should not need to be changed. If it works in the notebook, but throws that error only in the grader, there must be some corruption in that cell. E.g. some kind of non-printing character has been inserted that causes the line not to read correctly in the grader’s context. Here’s what the text looks like for that cell in my notebook:

base_model = tf.keras.applications.MobileNetV2(input_shape=IMG_SHAPE,

You might try deleting the contents of that cell and then “copy/pasting” the text I show above into that cell and see if that helps or not. Or maybe the safer way would be to get a clean copy of the notebook and copy/paste your code to that fresh copy. Here’s a thread about how to do that, but of course it’s more work than just copy/pasting the text I show.

Other problems I can theorize might cause this would be if you have unusual language settings in your browser. If you’re not using Chrome, try it with Chrome and with normal English settings and see if that makes a difference.

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