Troblem in grade of C1_W3_Assignment

I can’t get a passing grade while all my codes are correct and it passes the tests, how can I fix it?

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
shapes (3,5) and (1,30) not aligned: 5 (dim 1) != 1 (dim 0)

This means there is an error in your code.

Passing the tests in the notebook does not mean your code is perfect. The grader uses different tests, with different sizes of data.

Areas to check:

  • Be careful that your code does not use global variables.
  • Check if you are using any fixed values for indices or sizes.
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Thanks so much.
How can I refresh the notebook that I have access to the original version?

  • Use the File menu and re-name your notebook ipynb file.
  • Then use the “Help” menu, then “Get latest version”. See (1) and (2) below
  • The use the File menu to open the new copy of the notebook template.

Image (1)

Image (2)

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I did but nothing changed

After you update to the latest version, all of the code you had added should be missing.

If your code is still present, that means you didn’t follow the process completely.

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I got it . thanks a lot