Trouble with programming exercise from week 2

For the week 2 programming exercise number 2 i’m writing a working code that tells me that tests are passed and it coincides with all of the expected outputs after finishing it, yet when I submit it to the grader it says that I’m only passing the first exercise. Any suggestions?

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Can you send me your lab in a direct message?


I have taken @ccolunga code’s line for line and it works for me when I submit it.
I don’t see any errors in their calculations either.
When you have the time can you take a look?

Hi Sam and Carlos! It’s possible that the metadata needed for grading has become corrupted. Carlos, please try refreshing your workspace (instructions here) then paste your old solutions into your new notebook. Make sure that all cells still run as expected then resubmit the new notebook. Hope it works!

@SamReiswig it worked! Thank you both :grinning:

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