[Troubleshooting] Getting "ResourceLimitExceeded" when selecting `ml.m5.2xlarge`

Hi everyone! This topic is for learners who get this message when selecting the correct instance type:

Failed to start kernel
Failed to launch app [sagemaker-data-scien-ml-m5-2xlarge-58ec53cbfb4afb44281d61bdec8c]. ResourceLimitExceeded: The account-level service limit ‘Studio KernelGateway Apps running on ml.m5.2xlarge instance’ is 1 Apps, with current utilization of 1 Apps and a request delta of 1 Apps. Please use AWS Service Quotas to request an increase for this quota. If AWS Service Quotas is not available, contact AWS support to request an increase for this quota.

This problem has been reported to our partners. We will post updates here as soon as we hear from them.

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For other learners:

  • Please avoid replying here if you have a different problem (i.e. NOT a ResourceLimitExceeded issue). You can create a separate topic for that.

  • Also please avoid posting “this happens to me as well” (or similar messages) to avoid flooding the thread. As mentioned, we’ve already informed our partners and they are looking into it. It might take a while because of the holiday season.

  • Another workaround is to follow Chirag’s advice here. You can also refer here if you need screenshots for reference.

  • For other lab concerns, please refer here.

While waiting for the fix, you can first submit the labs so it is marked as completed (see item 6 of the FAQ here ). You can come back to them when the issue is resolved. To know the exact dates when your lab access expires, you can reach out to the Learner Help Center (instructions here ). The support agents there should be able to check your account and give you the final date.

Thank you, and hoping to give you some good news soon!

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