Unable to access Discourse on laptop but able to access it from iPad


I am trying to ask a question regarding C2W2 Bias assignment although i have found a similar question and discussion for that my issue is mainly related to ability to join discourse from laptop. If anyone has encountered this issue pls reply. When i click on open tool it says

Field in auth request are not matching expected values: openid, id_token, form post

Fyi, i am creating thus topic from my tablet. I have raised the issue to Coursera and awaiting their reply. I tried logging in and out of my account but the issue persists. I am able to access the Discouse tool for Deep Learning Specialization though.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

I can now access it but I have to go through DLS discourse I navigate to GANs specialization Discourse… interesting.

Thanks @Nandan_Bagadi for letting us know. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ll investigate and try to fix this. Thanks again!

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No worries! Thank you.