Unable to start lab shows Account still in cleanup

I am doing first lab for course 1 week 1 and it is showing account still in cleanup it took 3 mins for creations and then got terminated automatically now whenever I click START LAB it shows account still incleanup

I have the same problem. I noticed that kernel was dead after few minutes, and the AWS indicator became red. Now every time I hit the start lab, it gives me the message “account still is in cleanup”.
Anyone from staff can help?

@esanina or @raul could you help?

@RITIKA_GUPTA I have refreshed the account for you. However, I can see that the lab was graded with a full score.

@maz_sal could you please send me in a private message your Coursera username / email. Also which course and lab do you have problems with?

@esanina : I am having this issue where I am facing similar issue, let me know how I can resolve this issue.

@Rajdeep_Das which course and lab do you have problems with?

I am having problem with
[Practical Data Science/Analyze Datasets and Train ML Models using AutoML] Course.

@Rajdeep_Das thank you for the reply. Which lab of the course do you have problems with - which week? I have refreshed the last of your accounts (Week 3) but please let me know if you have some issues with other weeks.

Thanks a lot Elena, I was having problem submitting the Week 3 assignment, seems like you refreshed that one.

I will login to my account and hopefully will be able to submit it this time. Cheers !

Hi @esanina , I opened the week 1( Analyze Datasets and Train ML Models using AutoML) assignment but couldn’t complete it. Next day, when i opened it’s showing account is still in cleanup. I waited for around 1.5 hour yesterday and today also. Could you please help me in this.

@ankit12 thank you for the message. I have refreshed your account.

Hi @esanina , I am also having the same issue with ‘Account Still in Cleanup’ for Week1 Lab. Could you help?

Same issue for C2W2@ esanina

@Karan6 @Preethi_Kurra thank you for the messages. I have refreshed your accounts.

I have also the same issue in Week 2 of the lab of my @esanina i.e. " Account is still in cleanup" . Pls look into it.

@Samriddha_Majumdar which course do you have problems with?

I am having the same problem on Coursera, Generative AI with Large Language Models, Lab 3.

Hello @esanina - Could you please refersh my account? I am getting “account is still in cleanup” pop-up:

Course: generative-ai-with-llms
Lab: Lab 1 - Generative AI Use Case: Summarize Dialogue
Username: Aswin Thulasiraman

@Aswin_Thulasiraman thank you for the message. In case of any issues with the GenAI labs please submit the form: GenAI with LLMs Lab Issue Report