Understanding how to read the SHAP chart

I’m having a hard time reading the SHAP chart. Specifically, is the title in yellow (below) the title of the whole chart or is it the title of the X-axis?

If it’s the title of the whole chart, then what is the title of the X-axis?

If I have to guess I would say the X-axis represents the feature values, but then having different features using the same X-axis does not make sense to me since they are most likely of different units!

I think the answer to your question is ‘Yes’

That text string describes both the X axis and what the plot depicts.

See the doc for additional info : beeswarm plot — SHAP latest documentation

For example…

The beeswarm plot is designed to display an information-dense summary of how the top features in a dataset impact the model’s output. Each instance the given explanation is represented by a single dot on each feature fow[sic]. The x position of the dot is determined by the SHAP value…

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