Unexpected error in grading

Hey @Angel_Ortiz,
No need for apologies. It happens with me as well, at times.

Anyways, I checked your notebook that you sent to me, and you have changed some things that you were not supposed to change. The grader becomes unhappy when learners change something that they are not intended to.

For starters, in your implementation of train_model, you have deleted the code defining the seed for the training part. Since it is not feasible for me to check the entire notebook word by word, I would recommend you to get a fresh copy of your notebook, and paste your solutions very carefully in it, inside the comments “START CODE HERE” and “END CODE HERE”. Do not change anything outside these comments. You can find the instructions for the same here.

Once you have submitted the notebook, and received a complete score, feel free to play with the notebook.

Let us know if this helps. If it doesn’t, we will bring a staff member in the loop.