Unexplained 10 marks deduction

I have submitted C3W1 assignment and I see that the final exercise is having a problem.
And hence it is deducting 10 marks.
Though I am passing and able to progress, wondering why is this happening.

Hi @Praveen_Behara,

It is better to share the screenshot of the error of your issue whenever possible so that the mentors can better understand what you are facing. Could I ask you to do that ?


Hi @Mubsi :
The output message isn’t useful and generic.
There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.
I have checked to see that there are no stray print statements etc.
The specific test case (last one) has passed too.
Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Check if you are using hard-coded variables. That’s what’s causing this.

This is actually useful information, so no matter what the errors are, always share them.

hi @Mubsi
I don’t see anything hardcoded. I particularly try not to do that because of these issues. Not sure how to debug this.

Hi @Praveen_Behara,

In your Ex 8, you are using a hardcoded value.

# Make predictions using the inputs            
pred = training_loop.eval_model(inputs)

Use the function parameter here instead.