Ungraded Lab: Intro to Kubernetes

When I follow the instructions in this lab, I cannot get the following command to work. Instead it just hangs,

curl -d '{"instances": [1.0, 2.0, 5.0]}' -X POST $(minikube ip):30001/v1/models/half_plus_two:predict

I have tried every IP / port combination I can think of, without any luck. Has anyone else had trouble with this?

Please confirm the following details:

  1. Operation system
  2. If mac, is it on M1 / M2 ?
  3. RAM

Hi @balaji.ambresh ,

  1. Windows 11
  2. N/A
  3. 64 GB RAM

Thanks for confirming. Someone with access to a windows machine will get back to you. Do post your query on github kubernetes issues since the lab works as intended on linux.

Hi @Hughkf,

The instructions has been updated for Window users, please let me know if the issue is resolved.

Best regards,