Use of AI for Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting is one of the impactful applications of AI.
One can find multiple resources which cover about topic in bits and pieces.
This blog is an excellent resource to provide budding Data Scientist an end-to-end guide on Demand Forecasting leveraging AI/ML.

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The question is how to handle demand forecasting in rapidly shifting/changing environments? AI/ML models are trained for normal datasets, not adaptive yet for handling the out of boundary cases.

Time series forecasting is a very interesting topic! Thanks for sharing.

I could imagine that following aspects would be useful in addition:

  • overview of further state of the art models for time series forecasting, dependent on data requirement (e.g. also transformers for Big Time Series Data)
  • goodness criteria (like residuum analysis)
  • interesting application cases in industry or best practices (e.g. this one: How to Enable Transparency for Electric Vehicle Batteries)
  • interpretability or explainability of models
  • framework with minimum examples for validating a model on a representative data set

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