Use of Gen AI in Digital Mental Health

Looking for people who are involved in Digital Mental Health projects to pick their brains on how to be useful in the space and can they suggest how can I contribute to the cause? Happy to find a project to join :slight_smile:

I think AI could help some folks who suffer from anxiety disorders to help them determine if there anxieties are truely relevant.
AI could go through their beliefs with them and help them determine if they have a legitimate reaon for their fears or is it just their illness overwhelming their emotions. It would pretty much be questioning with yes and no answers, ie. Is there an actual event that caused you to feel this way? Is it something you think is going to happen?
Sort of fact checking with them. It’s what the real therapist would do if you were in their office. I think that would be a good way AI could help. I think if someone were to make a website or app like that more people could go to it to sort of check-in with their thoughts and maybe dispell their fears sooner rather than later.