Vocareum / AWS Access Denied Error

I am getting errors like this in the AWS console when I open it via Vocareum for the Week 3 assignment.

User: arn:aws:sts::376767918906:assumed-role/voclabs/user1481055=********* is not authorized to perform: sagemaker:ListEndpoints”.

It has worked ok in the past, but started doing this today. Any ideas?

I tried logging out, starting again etc…


Thanks for the question Peter. Could you please send the printscreen of the error and the link to the lab?

Thank you esanina. I tried again and it is working now.
Is there a daily quota of time on the labs?

Glad it is working. Once lab started it is available for 4 hours. After the expiration it will take up to 20 min to clean up resources. Then you can start it again anytime (no daily quota), but it will take longer to load - 10 to 20 min.

Happy learning!

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login says “The credentials in your login link were invalid.”

@priti Could you please send me the lab link (see the printscreen below) and also try it in a few hours, it should work. Please, let me know how it goes.

Hi @esanina !
When I start the Lab it says “Your total lab usage time of 2511 minutes has exceeded the total allocated time of 60 minutes” and I can not do my exercise.
Could you help me with my problem?

Hello @BIjanSM, thank you for the question. Could you please send me your email either in the private message or via the email elena.sanina@deeplearnin.ai

Thank you!