Vocareum Lab wont start up

Week 1 lab: Register and visualize dataset

This lab won’t start-up for me. It’s stuck on “account is still in cleanup.” Please let me know how I can proceed. Thank you!

Enes Grahovac

Hi @Enes_Grahovac,

Are you still stuck with this issue ?


Resolved! I learned it takes 20 minutes to spin up

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I’m have repeated problems with starting up my Labs via Vocareum. I’ve now tried this some 6-7 times in a row (including in an incognito window). No luck at it… It never gets past the Start Lab stage… My AWS link on top left never gets beyond the Yellow color.

I am working on the " [

Generative AI with Large Language Models

](Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free | Coursera)] course. Week 1 labs seemed to work… But week 2 lab is not working at all. I am completely blocked on getting started on week 2 labs.

Any suggestions?

Oh wait… It suddenly Started the Lab in incognito mode after some 24 minutes. This is extremely unproductive honestly…

After 24 minutes wait time on the 3rd try, it will time out now in 2 hours and I now don’t have enough time to finish the lab :roll_eyes:

And now the kernel doesn’t start up!!!