Vote C5 W4: text with uncompiled latex code and without indices


I just want to report an issue with one question of the test of Week 4. In the test it is asked to select one representation of a quantity studied this week, and every possible answer is writen in LaTex code. I just want to report that the code is not compiled in the text and that the indices are not written.

I am familiar with LaTex code, but it is possible it is not the case for everyone doing this course.


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Can you post a screen capture image?

Usually the LaTeX will be rendered as symbols by your browser after a short delay.

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Here you have a minimal example:


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Your thread title says C5 W4, but you posted in the forum for C4 (Convolutional Neural Networks).

Can you give me a direct link to where you saw this non-rendered LaTeX?

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I saw it in the quiz of C5: Sequence Models, Week 4: Transformers

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The quizzes and answers are randomly selected from a pool. I did not see that specific notation in the quiz I reviewed.

Was it from this question?

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Yes, it was from this question.

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I checked the quiz master file, and I did not see any problems with the LaTeX formatting.

So this seems more like an issue with your browser.

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I agree that maybe the problem with formating could be an issue with my computer, but the lacking of the correct indices in the summands of the LaTex code is not and those should be corrected.

Thank you about your time

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It appears to me that the correct indices are present in the quiz master file.

Update: I’ve asked the course staff to investigate further, since they have better understanding of the quiz grader operation than I have.