Vote Identifying Bias in Mortgage Data using Cloud AI Platform and the What-if Tool

Tried twice for this lab, stocked at the same place:
AccessDeniedException: 403 The billing account for the owning project is disabled in state closed

I’ve checked the Bucket details, didn’t find anything different:

Still in the lab time.

Seems like you haven’t set GCP_PROJECT. Don’t forget to replace YOUR_GCP_PROJECT with the actual project id.

Hi balaji,
please take a look at the second screenshot, the GCP_PROJECT was named with the actual project id. Is there anything wrong?

I’m referring to the 1st screenshot.
The cell you are executing (the one below cell 16) considers GCP_PROJECT to be equal to the string YOUR_GCP_PROJECT. Please back to code and set GCP_PROJECT to the actual project id. Does this make sense?

Sure, thank you for the detailed response! :+1: