W1_Assignment_Lab not Grading

Hello, I’ve followed the instructions and successfully executed the Week 1 assignment and submitted for grading and the grading and submission report script never completes, i’ve tried submitting numerous times. Please advise

Hello Noel,
Are you still having problems with the grader not grading?


Yes, i’m still having the same issue of submission for a Grade, fyi it’s only on Week 1, i was able to successfully submit for the other week.



This sounds like something is going wrong on the Vocareum side of things. @esanina is there anything we can do here to fix this?

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@Noel_Singh thank you for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please try to access the lab and do the submission again? I have updated your account. If that still won’t work, please send the printscreen of the page where you click submit button.

Thank you!


I resubmitted the week 1 Lab again and after 5 minutes i receive a dialog box stating “Grading status: please check back later for the report”, attached is the screen shot and my ipynb file that i submitted



C1_W1_Assignment.ipynb (691 KB)

@Noel_Singh thank you for the information. I have reported the problem to the Engineering team and will keep you updated.