W2_A2_Delayed Submission

I have finished he Logistic Regression with a Neural Network mindset lab. I got all tests passed. When I submit the submission dialog seems to hang. See attached picture. As a result I am stuck as the submission grads are not showing up.

Hi @Pradeep_Nambiar,

Please close the assignment File --> Save and checkpoint and then File --> Close. Then try again after some time.

If the issue remains, please let me know.


Mubsi - Thank you for the response. I do see the submission is now recorded, without me taking any action. It seems I left the submission window open and left for the day and came back today morning and see the submission has now recorded correctly.

That’s good news! It sounds like you just got unlucky and submitted at a time when the servers were heavily loaded. As Mubsi says, sometimes the “solution” is just to wait and try again in a few minutes or an hour.